What I Learned In Antigua, Guatemala

I’ve been tought that dreams come true, and that fairy tales exist. I like to believe life is a giant gift box filled with marvellous things reserved for those brave enough to seek for them. And by things I mean experiences and people… Every new experience I get, every person I meet is a privilege for me. And how privileged I am! I’ve met outstanding people and beautiful places for which I can only be grateful to God since each of them has enriched my life wonderfully.

On Wednesday 17th of June I had the opportunity of visiting the city of Antigua (Guatemala) a magnificent place with visible evidence of its colonial past. Being a highly conscious person regarding my sorrounding and life itself I want to share with you some of the things that came to my mind while being there.

It’s street are made of stones, its buildings ancient yet beautifully painted in the most vivid colors. While walking on those streets I could only wonder about the different generations that walked on those same streets I was walking on. A mayan descendant with its bag full of corn, a spaniard «señora» with its servants purchasing the most beautiful flowers for her «hacienda». What a display of history! What a remarkable place to be at.

This trip reminded me of how respectful we have to be to people and places, to their heritage and cultures. Although for some these ancient residents may have been forgotten for me this is my little way of paying my respects to the thousands that were before us and prepared the way to modernization as we know it these days.

Its people, oh its people… I took this picture of this lovely lady making its beautiful mayan textiles. With this they make purses, dressings, hammocks and all type of things you can place a piece of fabric on. That work was beautiful and I could only think about the massive legacy these people carry with them and pass it on from generation to generation. And you know what? They are so proud, so happy of their heritage. I was delighted on the way they so pasionatelly yet naturally create a surreal array of garments of the most beautiful colors and scenary. My concept of legacy was about values and culture, something untangible for me. But this is just magic. A mayan descendant weaving a textile, what a privilege to see this!

We all carry some type of «legacy» and this lady reminded me that all of us are made of water and dust and to mother nature we will return some day. We live in a word filled with richness and experiences but yet we will all die one day. So, think about the legacy you’re about to leave in this world. Think about the heritage you carry with you. Think about the trails that will remain after you’re gone. Will people remember you for your outstanding life and achievements? Or will you be easily forgotten because of the many gifts you did not take from life’s box? People, experiences, places, achievements… Surprises. Some day, someone might walk on the same street you are currently walking and will remember your name and say «That outstanding person once walked on these same streets, and man what a remarkable piece of art his/her life was».

God bless.

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